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Boarding Overview

We welcome dogs of all breeds and temperaments for boarding. There’s no need for your dog to pass an evaluation in order to stay at the ranch. However, we may limit eligibility for certain activities based on temperament and other factors.

We generally suggest that new clients come for a tour of the facility, although we don’t strictly require it. If you have any concerns regarding our facility’s suitability for your dog, whether it’s due to your dog’s age, temperament or other factors, then we highly suggest coming for a tour.

Please keep in mind that you don’t need to bring your dog for the tour, as we don’t require evaluations. We have experience in caring for dogs of all temperaments. To limit potential disturbances for boarding dogs, we don’t allow dogs to tag along during tours, but you can feel free to walk your dog along the front of the grounds once your tour has concluded if needed. We generally conduct tours from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the week. There is no need to schedule a tour ahead of time; just stop by the office, and a member of our kennel staff will be happy to show you around.

Pricing and Boarding Options

Basic Boarding

Includes feeding (our food or yours), administration of medications, and two potty walks in the morning and evening.

Basic Boarding Details

Per day charges commence on the day your dog is dropped off. On the day of your return, if you pick your dog up before 11am, there is no charge for that day.


Customers boarding multiple dogs receive a 5% discount.

Takin’ it Easy

For dogs who prefer chilling out with slow walks and extra time to enjoy the sights and smells of the ranch.

Takin’ it Easy Details

Your choice of:

• 20 Minute walk or off leash play
• 20 Minute snuggle session


Customers boarding multiple dogs receive a 5% discount.

Get Out and Play

For the energetic dog who enjoys getting out, stretching their legs and feeling their oats.

Get Out and Play Details

Your choice of:

• 3-Hour Group Play
• 40 minute individual play


Customers boarding multiple dogs receive a 5% discount.

Play All Day

Perfect for dogs who can’t get enough of the great outdoors and need extra playtime to burn off energy. For the dog with stamina and chutzpah.

Play All Day Details

Your choice of:

• All Day Group Play
• 40 min individual play and 20 min walk


Customers boarding multiple dogs receive a 5% discount.

Options for Exercise Services

Leashed Walks

Explore the ranch, sniff around, see the horses, and mark some trees. We offer 20 minute on-leash walks.

Individual Playtime

This is a special opportunity for one-on-one time with a Shamrock Ranch staff member in an enclosed field, on a walk and/or curled up in a lap. Your dog calls the shots, whether it be ball play, snuggles, or out sniffing and investigating the grounds. We offer 20 or 40 minute solo time.

Group Play

For the gregarious dog who loves making new friends, this is a great opportunity to enjoy the company of like-minded pals. Depending on size and temperament, there are play groups to suit all needs. All group play dogs must be well behaved. Each dog is also required to pass a temperament evaluation and be up-to-date with all vaccinations.


• Proof of current Bordetella, DHPP and Rabies vaccinations.
• Your dog must be at least 16 weeks of age.


We can generally accept boarding reservations on short notice, but we suggest that you always book as early as possible to ensure that we have space. If you intend to drop your dog off within the next couple of days, please call the office directly at 650-359-1627. If you plan to book a stay further out and don’t require an immediate response, feel free to use our online reservation form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you accommodate raw diets (or other diets)?

We regularly accommodate a wide variety of diets. As long as the food that you provide will keep for the entirety of the stay (or you don’t mind having some dropped off periodically), and the food doesn’t require any cooking, we should have no problem fulfilling your dog’s dietary needs (or desires). Should the need arise, we have plenty of refrigerator and freezer space for storing food.

Can you administer medications or provide medical attention?

We can administer medications up to twice a day, although we do not administer shots. Also, since we prepare food and medications for a lot of dogs each day, please keep in mind that we may be unable to accommodate strict medication schedules.

We don’t have an on-site veterinarian, so we’re only able to provide basic medical attention. If your dog requires extensive medical attention (or if your dog needs medications more than twice a day and/or needs shots), we generally suggest that you board your dog at a veterinary facility where your dog can receive the level of medical attention that we may be unable to provide.

Do you have availability for these dates?

No need to call and inquire if we have availability as we usually do unless it is summertime or during a major holiday. Use our easy online reservation system to book online. Keep in mind that we do book up quickly—sometimes months in advance—for major holidays and during the summer.

How big are your kennels? Are they heated?

For medium-to-large-size dogs, each dog (or pair of dogs from the same family) has a 4’ by 6’ indoor area attached to a 4’ by 12’ outdoor patio.

For smaller dogs, each dog (or pair of dogs from the same family) has an elevated 3’ by 4’ indoor area attached to an outdoor 3’ by 6’ covered outdoor patio.

All buildings are heated, with some areas even having radiant floor heating.

How do I send vaccination records ahead of time?

You can e-mail vaccination records to or fax them to 650-434-3970. Please ensure that all vaccination records include either:

  1. the date on which each vaccine was administered and how long it is good for (usually 1 or 3 years), or
  2. the date on which each vaccine is next due.

Please do not send your dog’s full veterinary history; only send pages that include current vaccination records.

How far ahead should I book a reservation?

We can usually accept short notice reservation requests, but it’s always best to book as soon as you know the dates you need to reserve. We generally recommend that you book at least two weeks ahead of time for summer vacation stays. For holidays, it’s best to book at least four weeks ahead of time, although six weeks ahead of time is advisable for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

How much time will my dog spend in the kennel each day?

Basic boarding includes two 10-minute walks each day. If your dog requires more exercise, please choose from our various boarding packages to tailor your dog’s activity level accordingly.

To ensure the safety of the dogs, as well as our staff and our clients, we do require that dogs remain in their kennel runs when not under direct supervision. Each individual run has his or her own indoor and outdoor section however, giving each dog plenty of space.

What should I bring with me?

We generally suggest that you bring your dog’s own food, as that’s just one less thing your dog will need to adjust to during his/her stay. You can bring other things as long as you keep in mind that things may get lost or destroyed, so we can’t guarantee that you’ll get everything back.

We suggest bringing something that smells like home, such as an old t-shirt or a lightweight blanket. Please limit toys to a single toy, ideally not bringing soft toys made of fabric that could absorb moisture. Please don’t bring beds, as we provide cots that suit most dogs very well. We also provide our own food/water dishes, food scoops, collars and leashes, so please avoid leaving anything like that.

What’s your cancellation policy?

There’s no penalty for canceling a stay, but we ask that you please let us know as early as possible, since we like to know when space opens up during busy periods for clients on our waiting list when applicable.

When can I drop off or pick up my dog?

You can drop off or pick up your dog any time during office hours. On weekdays, office hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., while weekend hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We suggest that you drop off or pick up your dog at least half an hour before closing time however, as traffic can be unpredictable and we cannot guarantee that our office staff can stay late to accommodate a late drop-off or pick-up. Please don’t jeopardize your travel plans by waiting until the last minute to drop your dog off. You are always charged for the day on which you drop off, so we encourage customers to drop their dogs off earlier in the day as it won’t affect billing.