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Baths are a Good Thing!

Let’s face it: dogs love getting dirty. While baths rarely rank highly on a dog’s list of fun things to do, cleanliness definitely enhances the human-dog living experience. At Shamrock Ranch, we aim to make the grooming experience a positive one for both you and your dog.

Our basic bath includes a good scrub, a brushout and/or blowout to alleviate shedding (for a little while, at least), an ear cleaning and a nail trim. You’ll see, feel and smell the difference after a professional bath.


  • Individual attention
  • Skin and coat evaluation
  • Bath-time massage
  • Breed specific grooming techniques
  • Plenty of outdoor potty breaks
  • Reasonable rates

Grooming Services

Pricing for grooming services may vary depending on coat condition, services rendered and other factors.

Basic Bath
Starting at $35*
  • Bath
  • Nail Trim
  • Ear Clean

*(depends on breed and coat condition)

Starting at $55*
  • Basic Bath
  • Hair Cut

*(depends on breed and coat condition)

Nail Trim
  • Includes clip and file/dremel so they are smooth and well maintained


While we can accommodate most breeds and temperaments for grooming services, we reserve the right to cease or refuse services for dogs who either exhibit excess levels of stress or present more-than-reasonable levels of danger to themselves or our staff.


Please book appointments for grooming services as far as possible in advance, since the availability of grooming services may vary during busy periods.

To schedule a grooming appointment, please call our office at 650-359-1627, or feel free to use our online form for grooming appointment requests. For online requests, please allow two days processing time.

NOTE: While our front desk staff can schedule most bath and nail trim appointments, clients requesting haircuts or trims may need to wait for a callback from a groomer.