Shamrock Ranch
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Shamrock Ranch Horse Boarding in Pacifica, CA

Dog Services
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Dog Boarding (2 day minimum charge for all overnight stays)  
Basic boarding $30.00
   each additional dog in family $27.50
Daycare $30.00
Activities - Add as many as you like, customise your dogs stay  
Playtime (20 minutes) $8.00
Extended Playtime (40 minutes) $15.00
20 minute leashed walk around the Ranch $8.00
10 minute leashed walk around the Ranch $4.50
Stuffed Kong for the evening $3.00
(If your dog is groomed the last day of boarding, you are not charged for that day of board)  
Nails only $12.00
Groom - Please call for estimate  
Training (In kennel training, or group classes)  
Please call for rates